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Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu

History of Choy Lay Fut

"Maneuver the staff with the power of the dragon's slashing tail. Unleash a smashing fist as the majestic tiger instantly strikes."

This is the motto of Choy Lay Fut. Choy Lay Fut stresses fast and powerful stance transitions coordinated with devastating combinations of smashing swinging fists, grabs, throws, roundhouses, uppercuts, punches, strikes and kicks. Although Choy Lay Fut's roots reach back to the 6th century A.D., it's synthesis by Master Chan Heung into a unique style occurred in the 1830's. Intitially, Choy Lay Fut was a secret, emergency combat style used during the turbulent period of civil wars in ancient China. It has slowly become very wide-spread and today is a very popular style of Kung Fu.
The name Choy Lay Fut comes from the names of Chan Heung's two main teachers, Choy Fook and Lee Yau San, and the word Fut (which means Buddha).

Our Lineage

Si Gwong

(Si Gung) Great Grand Master Lee Koon Hung
1942 - 1996

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