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About Grand Master Mak Hin Fai
Grand Master Mak began his martial arts training at the age of 10. He trained in many different styles until the age of 13 when he finally found his true desire in Choy Lay Fut and began his training under the well known martial artist Lee Koon Hung. He has studied martial arts for 30 plus years and is one of the most well-known and respected martial artists in the U.S. He has had schools in several places including Hong Kong, Germany, Hawaii, and Seattle. He is named the Hong Kong fighting champion and is a member of the Hong Kong Martial Arts Association, Ltd. Master Mak won all six divisions of the 1994 AAU National Champion Senior Instructor Competition and he has never lost a tournament. His skill at the Lion Dance has also earned him the nickname "King of the Lion." (See more of Master Mak Hin Fai.)

Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu has a varied and rigorous training program. All aspects of training are equally important and contribute to the development of the body, mind and "spirit."

Our Program
There are several programs offered at the school based on the student's goals. All programs are structured on a progressive step by step curriculum that provides a well-rounded education of Chinese Martial Arts. The knowledge gained through the training complements all aspects of life and the experience is exciting, rewarding and challenging!

Training consists of stretching, conditioning, kicking and sparring exercises; the traditional open hand and Chinese weapon forms; and specfic techniques for practical self-defense. Students attain well-rounded physical fitness with better coordination, technical skills, strengh, flexibility and endurance, while cultivating the mind and character by developing awareness.

Students also learn the history, philosophy, language and cultural traditions of the ancient practice and have the option to practice full-contact training, Lion Dancing, Form performing and also competition skills.

See our class and fee schedule for more information.

At the Mak Fai Washington Kung Fu Club, students of all races and ages learn and achieve self confidence, concentration, control, respect, and self-discipline in the rich tradition of Kung Fu. Students improve their stamina, muscle tone, weight control, balance, coordination and awareness, gaining.

Our instructors are following in Master Mak's footsteps. Earning recognition for their success in not only Forms and Lion Dance, they excel in their ability to teach students of all ages and level. Master Mak specifically trains his instructors to combine mordern teaching methods with the traditional techniques of Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu. The certified Instructors give students the highest level of quality instruction, motivation and personalized attention.

Mak Fai Washington Kung Fu Club
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